Name Gayle
Gender Female
Species Glendalien
Home Planet Moon of Glendale
Introduced In "Time Slime"
Voiced by Maria Bamford

Gayle is a Glendalien that hails from the Moon of Glendale, and has a romantic relationship with Wallow of the Bravest Warriors.


Gayle makes her first appearance in Time Slime, upon contacting the Bravest Warriors for help as her people are trapped in a time loop. Not expecting the trio to be as young as they are, she refers to them as dorks, causing Danny to flip her off in anger. Upon arrival on Gayle's home planet on the moon of Glendale, she recognizes Wallow, as the two appear to have had an affair in the past, and she ends up making his glove Pixel jealous.


Gayle calls the Bravest Warriors 'dorks'

After introducing the trio to Professor Fartsparkles, she proceeds to explain how they are all trapped in a time loop, due to the Fartsparkle effect. She brings the warriors to Fartsparkle chamber, where they find themselves dead in the future, causing Gayle to cry over the future body of Wallow. However, upon realizing that he is actually still alive, begins to make out with him, confessing their love, causing the time generator to temporarily subside. However, Pixel becomes angry at Wallow's interest in Gayle, and hurls her into the time vortex, killing her instantly. Seconds later, the third time warp Gayle along with Beth, Danny, Chris and Wallow arrive, and refuse to enter the chamber upon seeing the bodies of their 'future' selves, with Wallow promising to call her.


Gayle the Glendalian appears as a regular Glendalien with a noodle like crest on her head. She had a yellow spiral on the top of her head, and short bushy red hair and skin. She wears a simple white strapless dress.


  • Gayle is voiced by Maria Bamford, who is also known as the voices of several characters in 'Adventure Time'.