Professor Fartsparkles
Gender Male
Species Glendalien
Home Planet Moon of Glendale
Occupation Professor
Introduced In "Time Slime"
Voiced by Thomas Middleditch

Professor Fartsparkles is the Glendalien creator of the Fartsparkle effect, and resident of the moon of Glendale.


Professor Fartsparkles appears in "Time Slime", where he informs the Bravest Warriors about his own Fartsparkle effect and how a time loop has been created, after requiring a smack to the face by Gayle to be waken up. Just like Gayle before, he also comments on how the trio look like 'dorks', recieving moop from Danny. After informing the warriors on their mission, he falls asleep again, after being doused in a special slime.


  • It appears that Professor Fartsparkles requires a special slime toxin to fall asleep.
  • He is the second Glendalien to recieve moop from Danny.


He appears similar to the other Glendalians, albeit his white beard, suit and tie.